#002 bornstueck & stein — sachmatt

all ink

record released on 21.03.2009

what we say:

“stop watching TV! download this rUff shit, listen and go for two walks!”

for more or less philosophical trackground read our pamphlet(!!!!):

As with the introduction of any new technology, the clamor of a promised utopia could be detected in the background noise: “From the wasteland, let a thousand electronic flowers bloom.” And bloom they would, in myriad hybridized forms, seeded then cultivated by visionary artists and activists Fritz Bornstück & Ernst Markus Stein incorporated the newly liberated electronic images into conceptual environments, guerrilla news, artful ethnographies, time-based easels, interdisciplinary collaborations with Jan Deyrieux and sundry other experiments. If anything linked the dispersed proponents of new Sound (not the kind that presumes broadcast, but one disseminated hand-to-hand, eye-to-eye, and sometimes through wires), it was an uncontrolled appetite for contestation. New models for use weren’t invented so much as debunked and discarded; models, after all, carried the stench of future convention.

recorded @ the BAR between 1982-now


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